Guillaume G  - General statistics

First name : Guillaume
Last name : G
Actual ranking : 1160
Number of fights : 44
Victories : 27 (win rate : 61.36%)
Defeats : 16
Draws : 1
Total strikes given : 567
Total strikes received : 476
Total Goal Average : 91

Guillaume G - Against

Number of fights :
Victories :
Defeats :
Draws :
 Individual matches
Tireur 1 Score 1 Score 2 Tireur 2 Date Evénement
Guillaume G1513Thomas D2014-05-17INTX14
David W110Guillaume G2014-05-17INTX14
Philippe B1415Guillaume G2014-05-17INTX14
Guillaume G258Nicolas M2014-05-17INTX14
Péter N1619Guillaume G2014-05-17INTX14
Yoann L3911Guillaume G2014-05-17INTX14
Sébastien M32Guillaume G2014-05-17INTX14
Guillaume G6660Aurélien F2014-05-17INTX14
Guillaume G1711Gwenaël C2014-12-06INTX15
Lucas B1610Guillaume G2014-12-06INTX15
Adrien L1415Guillaume G2014-12-06INTX15
Guillaume G249Ronald K2014-12-06INTX15
Guillaume G1013Julien M2014-12-06INTX15
Xavier F612Guillaume G2015-03-14CHT15
Pascal M025Guillaume G2015-03-14CHT15
Guillaume G290Clément B2015-03-14CHT15
Guillaume G142Marc P2015-03-14CHT15
Guillaume G119Luc G2015-03-14CHT15
Guillaume G1625Julien M2015-03-14CHT15
Guillaume G228Ronan C2015-03-14CHT15
Pascal M321Guillaume G2016-01-09INTX16
Guillaume G95Ismaël A2016-01-09INTX16
William D615Guillaume G2016-01-09INTX16
Guillaume G3517Léopold H2016-01-09INTX16
Quentin B83Guillaume G2016-01-09INTX16
Guillaume G153Ronan C2016-04-02CHT16
Benjamin L291Guillaume G2016-04-02CHT16
Julien M923Guillaume G2016-04-02CHT16
Guillaume G811Quirin B2016-04-02CHT16
Guillaume G1117David L2017-04-23INTX17
Benjamin L247Guillaume G2017-04-23INTX17
Guilhem B79Guillaume G2017-04-23INTX17
Julien M3540Guillaume G2017-04-24INTX17
Quirin B2612Guillaume G2017-04-24INTX17
Guillaume G1510Narcisse B2017-06-03CHT17
Guillaume G219Benjamin L2017-06-03CHT17
Guillaume G167Ronan C2017-06-04CHT17
Quentin B2012Guillaume G2017-06-04CHT17
Guillaume G22Thomas D2018-05-12CHT18
David L31Guillaume G2018-05-12CHT18
Quirin B31Guillaume G2018-05-12CHT18
Guillaume G31Julien M2018-03-03INTX18
Guillaume G31Eamon G2018-03-03INTX18
Guillaume G13Alexandre D2018-03-04INTX18