Benjamin L  - General statistics

First name : Benjamin
Last name : L
Actual ranking : 1667
Number of fights : 78
Victories : 77 (win rate : 98.72%)
Defeats : 1
Draws : 0
Total strikes given : 2506
Total strikes received : 282
Total Goal Average : 2224

Benjamin L - Against

Number of fights :
Victories :
Defeats :
Draws :
 Individual matches
Tireur 1 Score 1 Score 2 Tireur 2 Date Evénement
Vincent C044Benjamin L2013-03-16CHT13
Guillaume B320Benjamin L2013-03-16CHT13
Olivier D0666Benjamin L2013-03-16CHT13
Xavier L1440Benjamin L2013-03-16CHT13
Benjamin L313Sébastien D2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L544Ismaël A2013-05-17INTX13
Yorick S240Benjamin L2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L850Gilles M2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L404Maxime M2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L270Thomas D2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L298Yoann L2013-05-17INTX13
Benjamin L666Vincent C2013-05-17INTX13
Quirin B341Benjamin L2014-03-15CHT14
Benjamin L350Quentin B2014-03-15CHT14
Vincent C261Benjamin L2014-03-15CHT14
Benjamin L252Marvin M2014-03-15CHT14
Yoann L022Benjamin L2014-03-15CHT14
Lucas B632Benjamin L2014-03-15CHT14
Benjamin L2511Yoann L2014-03-15CHT14
Ronald K058Benjamin L2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L256Yoann L2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L470Pascal M2014-05-17INTX14
Aurélien P380Benjamin L2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L220Pascal M2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L370Sébastien M2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L2411Yoann L2014-05-17INTX14
Benjamin L277Quirin B2014-05-17INTX14
Matthieu H035Benjamin L2014-12-06INTX15
Benjamin L410Ronan C2014-12-06INTX15
Benjamin L580Adrien G2014-12-06INTX15
Primož S083Benjamin L2014-12-06INTX15
Benjamin L280Sébastien D2014-12-06INTX15
Benjamin L3213Yoann L2014-12-06INTX15
Benjamin L385Guillaume B2014-12-06INTX15
Martial G534Benjamin L2015-03-14CHT15
Benjamin L360Lucas B2015-03-14CHT15
Benjamin L265Guillaume B2015-03-14CHT15
Kévin C024Benjamin L2015-03-14CHT15
Benjamin L276Xavier L2015-03-14CHT15
Benjamin L2619Yoann L2015-03-14CHT15
Julien M347Benjamin L2016-01-09INTX16
Benjamin L710Gilles M2016-01-09INTX16
Max V071Benjamin L2016-01-09INTX16
Benjamin L635Marc P2016-01-09INTX16
Benjamin L321Marc P2016-01-09INTX16
Benjamin L523Quirin B2016-01-09INTX16
Benjamin L517Xavier L2016-01-09INTX16
Julien M046Benjamin L2016-04-02CHT16
Benjamin L291Guillaume G2016-04-02CHT16
Benjamin L300Ronan C2016-04-02CHT16
Xavier L944Benjamin L2016-04-02CHT16
Benjamin L125Xavier L2016-04-02CHT16
Benjamin L161David L2016-04-02CHT16
Julien M642Benjamin L2017-04-23INTX17
Benjamin L247Guillaume G2017-04-23INTX17
Benjamin L540Robin P2017-04-23INTX17
Benjamin L219David L2017-04-24INTX17
Benjamin L332Sébastien B2017-04-24INTX17
Benjamin L232Quentin L2017-04-24INTX17
Quentin B1437Benjamin L2017-04-24INTX17
David L2017Benjamin L2017-04-24INTX17
Narcisse B126Benjamin L2017-06-03CHT17
Xavier L623Benjamin L2017-06-04CHT17
Benjamin L407Quentin B2017-06-04CHT17
Guillaume G219Benjamin L2017-06-03CHT17
Benjamin L2211Thomas D2017-06-04CHT17
Benjamin L31Julien M2018-05-12CHT18
Ronan C13Benjamin L2018-05-12CHT18
Benjamin L31Thomas D2018-05-13CHT18
Benjamin L31Xavier L2018-05-13CHT18
Benjamin L31David L2018-05-13CHT18
Benjamin L31Adrien D2018-03-03INTX18
Benjamin L31Rémi B2018-03-03INTX18
Benjamin L31Lucas R2018-03-03INTX18
Benjamin L31Guillaume K2018-03-04INTX18
Benjamin L31Quirin B2018-03-04INTX18
Xavier L13Benjamin L2018-03-04INTX18
David L13Benjamin L2018-03-04INTX18